Monday, April 27, 2009

Sword in the circle

The book The sword and the circle is about a sword in a stone and much more. Arther was a 15 year old squire for Sir Ector. Arther became king of high Britan when he pulled the sword from the stone. He had many knights at the round table. Only the bravest knights could join. Percival was a knight. He wanted to prove his authority to be a knight at the round table. So he went on a journy for a gold cup and gold armor for Arther. He set out with a homemade spear and no armor and a fine horse from Arther. He brought back the cup and gold armor. He became a knight at the round table. This book is very much like David and Golieth. David and Arther were both chosen ones. David killed Golieth and became king. Like Auther pulled the sword out of the stone and became king.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Our pet room

Our pet room has 8 fish aquariums,1 hermit crab aquarium ,1 aquarium with 2 water dragons,a bird cage with 2 parakeets,and 2 dog crates. I also have an 1 and a half gallon tank in my room. Elliette is about to have an 1 and a half tank in her room to. That is all of the tanks in the house and we will keep on getting more tanks.

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